Emotional Yoga: How the Body Can Heal the Mind

By Bija Bennett

Drawing on her large education in yoga remedy, dance, and meditation, Bija Bennett has created a groundbreaking yoga software that takes complete benefit of the body-mind connection.

Based at the classical eightfold course of yoga, Emotional Yoga bargains a wide variety of straightforward body-mind concepts that could certainly impact our emotional health, together with the dynamic interaction of pursuits, respiring routines, meditations, way of life talents, rituals, gestures, and therapeutic sounds. each one approach is gifted in a manner that's precise to Bennett's historical past within the culture of Viniyoga, which permits the reader to evolve this system to his or her particular wishes.

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INHALE EXHALE five. Vajrasana, Kneeling Posture begin status in your knees, legs somewhat aside, hands at your part. (not proven) INHALE bring up your fingers from front overhead. EXHALE bend ahead as you brush your palms in the back of your again onto your sacrum, and convey your chest on your thighs, head down. to softly stretch your neck, you may as well flip your head to 1 facet on exhalation, resting in your cheek. (variation now not proven) INHALE raise your chest ahead and up, increasing your chest as you brush your palms large out to the perimeters, and up overhead. carry your head to heart as you come back up. TIGHTEN your stomach on exhale, and take a look at to convey your chest in your thighs sooner than sitting in your heels. steer clear of lifting your backbone along with your head and neck. REPEAT eight instances. If turning your head, trade facets with each one repetition. INHALE EXHALE 6. Bhujangasana, (adaptation) Cobra Posture commence mendacity in your stomach, arms at the flooring subsequent in your shoulders, head grew to become to 1 facet. INHALE carry your chest, bending one knee, and switch your head to the guts. EXHALE decrease your chest to the ground; bringing your leg down, and turning your head to the other part. enable the top stick with the backbone as you raise your chest, with out collapsing your neck backward. On inhalation, pull again together with your arms as you push your chest ahead. elevate your chest together with your again instead of push up along with your arms. REPEAT four instances, alternating each one leg and turning head clear of energetic leg. Repeat four instances, bending either knees on inhalation as you raise your chest. Then not sleep within the backbend place with either knees bent for four extra breaths. EXHALE INHALE INHALE 7. Urdhva Prasarita Padasana, Upward unfold Posture commence mendacity in your again, knees bent, hands at your facets. (not proven) INHALE bring up your palms overhead to the ground in the back of you, pulling down your backbone and stretching your legs upward. EXHALE convey your thighs towards your stomach, arms in your knees, widening your knees a bit aside. BEND your elbows and knees somewhat as you expand them. On inhalation, hold your chin down a bit of, and continue your buttocks at the flooring. REPEAT 6 occasions, lengthening the exhalation, and retaining 2 seconds after every one exhalation. INHALE EXHALE eight. Jathara Parivrtti, stomach Twist commence mendacity in your again together with your palms out in your aspects. expand your left leg to a ninety-degree perspective. EXHALE and twist, bringing your left leg towards your correct hand, and turning your head to the other aspect. INHALE carry your leg again as much as a ninety-degree perspective. STABILIZE your shoulders up to attainable at the flooring; your knees can bend. REPEAT four occasions on one part. Then remain within the twist for four breaths. Repeat at the different facet. whilst staying within the twist, inhale and somewhat expand your backbone, exhale and tighten your stomach, deepening the twist. INHALE EXHALE nine. Janu Sirsasana, Head to Knee Posture commence with one leg prolonged ahead, the opposite leg bent together with your heel to the other internal thigh, hands overhead. EXHALE tighten your stomach and bend ahead, bringing your chest towards your thigh, palms in your foot.

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